Registration fee is RM 100.00 , just once.
No Deposit at all. Reserved sessions payment in advance.

NOTE :  IGCSE Additional Maths and English First language tuition fee is RM 190.00/2Hours.
NOTE :  A-LEVEL Further Pure Maths , History and English Literature tuition fee is RM 300.00/2Hours.
NOTE :  For home tuition RM 50-100 extra charge.

Education level One to One tuition Home Schoolers
Primary school RM 150 /2 HRS RM 150 /2 HRS
IGCSE Year 7, 8 & 9 RM 160 /2 HRS RM 150 /2 HRS
IGCSE Year 10 & 11 RM 170/2 HRS RM 150 /2 HRS
As Level RM 200/2 HRS RM 200/2 HRS
A2 Level RM 220/2 HRS RM 200/2 HRS
IB Year 6,7 & 8 RM 160 /2 HRS RM 160 /2 HRS
IB Year 9 & 10 RM 200/2 HRS RM 200/2 HRS
IB Diploma SL & HL RM 250/2 HRS RM 200/2 HRS
Foundation Courses RM 250/2 HRS


Canadian, American and Australian syllabus charges are same as IB


We have 2 methods of payment:
1- Monthly Payment: for homeschooling students
2- Reserved Sessions in advance: for number of sessions are required


1- Any cancellation and emergency case should be informed the center a night before tuition day.
2- Replacement will be arranged based on tutor’s and student’s availability
3- You can change your schedule time by time if you have to, but should arrange with the center
4- You can stop your tuition for a period of time (holiday, trip,..) which you are not available, but should arrange with the center
5- refund policy, after first class any decision regarding not to continue the classes, only registration fee is refundable.