We provide one to one and small group classes for IGCSE/ A Level/ Australian /Canadian/ American Home schooling

Primary, Lower Secondary and Secondary; No Age Limitation


Please find out the easy 3 procedures as bellow to know more about us:

1-  To begin

Please plan a visit to see our centre

  • Drop a message to Dr. Julie in watsapp: “019 509 6607” and make an appointment as your preferred timing from Mon to Sun

2-  Verification

  • Pay a visit to home school
  • Review the results of our previous students
  • Investigate the profile of our teachers and verify their qualification and experience
  • Get the contact number of current/previous students/parents randomly and do the testimonial process as frequent as you wish

3-  Assessment

We will do an expert assessment on the student’ knowledge

  • Purpose is not a formal and boring level identification procedure
  • The aim is to update our teachers regarding student’s basics
  • Teachers will be updated by expert assessment to know what level they should start and how they should update their teaching method
  • Usually, in the case of slow learners to don’t make the students disappointed we start with the same level as current status, whenever necessary teachers will go through lower levels concepts

4-  Assigning Suitable Teachers to Every Individual Student

In this step parents and students will contribute in teacher’s selection process.

  • Requirements of parents and students will be considered carefully
  • Criteria can be considered by parents are:
  • International or local teacher
  • Male or female teachers
  • Teaching experience
  • Educational background (either Master/PhD)
  • Age

5-  Trial One Week Schooling

We understand that changing school is a big decision for students as well as parents. On the other hand, we also intend to enrol students feel happy of studying here so we let the students try us before last decision:

  • One-week trial classes as two times class for every subject will be quite enough for students and parent to get to know about:
  • Our teachers
  • Their teaching method
  • How we treat students and
  • School atmosphere

At the end of first week trial classes, we will ask students idea regarding all the subjects taken by teachers. Any change requirement in subjects/ teachers will be applied accordingly.

6-  Welcome to Einstein Education House

This is our great pleasure you have trusted us. Let’s start new concept of schooling which is not boring, and tedious for children; it is not troublesome for parents as they won’t need to follow and persuade children to do assignments anymore. Text books, audio, video, and science experiments will help children to understand the concepts not only memorising them. This is customized program for every individual student. We never sacrifice creativity to formal education. Our goal is to help children study happily here and at the end of this journey we will help children to register in final exam to get official certificates with good marks.