ICA International Advanced Certificate in Anti Money Laundering

Qualified anti money laundering professionals are in demand as organisations increase their focus on risk prevention. The ICA International Advanced Certificate in Anti Money Laundering provides all of the knowledge you will require to begin a career in anti money laundering. For more information please visit the website as: https://www.int-comp.org/qualifications/all-certificates-and-diplomas/adv-cert-in-aml/

What we do?

We offer ICA exam preparation. All of our classes are one to one and 2 hours. In the case having some friends are interested for this program, you can join together to make a small group class and it will be less costly.

If you need more information about ICA exam, this link help you to find out correct information:


What do we offer?

A package of 10 sessions for ICA. We will make a schedule of 10 sessions based on the days and times you are available. Also, you can choose how many sessions you need for each skill. It will cost RM 2,000 for a 10 sessions package. You can continue this package with the same cost till your exam.

Out of package session: RM 220 per sessions and sessions are 2 hours