Dear parents and students

As you may know mock exam is very important to prepare you/your kids for IGCSE examination. I would like to announce that we have general and specific Mock exam time table for May/June 2017 IGCSE candidates.

Benefits of Mock exam:

  • These mock examinations will give you a very good indication of current grade you can achieve. After exam, you will come to know what are the areas of weaknesses and what are the topics and subjects you need to focus more.
  • The formal mock exam will be comprised of IGCSE exam papers, so it will be good indication of what students can expect in May/June 2017 exam.
  • Our qualified and experienced IGCSE teachers will mark your answer sheets and they will make a session for you to go through the correct answers and will help you to solve your weaknesses.

In addition to the pre-scheduled time table for our current home schooling students, every interested student will receive an individual examination time table according to the subjects are taken for exam and student/ parent availability. Mock exam timing will be flexible from Mon to Sun, 9 am to 10:30 pm.